• Hospital Cleaning

    Cleaning in hospital by Office Cleaning Service New York
    Cleaning in hospital by Office Cleaning Service New York

    Health centers (hospitals, clinics, among others) are sites that must be impeccable, not only in terms of structure and functioning, but also in terms of hygiene. Can you imagine going to a hospital and not complying with hygiene regulations? To maintain cleanliness and order within this type of facility, there are many factors.

    Cleaning hospitals and sanitation facilities is one of the most complex types of cleaning available. Due to the exposure of the rooms and their furniture to all kinds of pathogens, a thorough cleaning job is fundamental. In the cleaning of a hospital you have to pay attention to all the details and corners. Elements such as door handlebars or light switches are constantly used by staff, patients and even family members, assuming a risk of contamination that should be prevented.

    On Office Cleaning Service New York we go further in the world of cleanliness. We take care of the cleaning of halls, offices, operating theatres and all the areas that the client considers necessary. We have trained personnel in every Brooklyn, New York that will do a work at high altitude.

    You don't play with health! That is why we guarantee a thorough cleaning of each one of the spaces in which we work. We will spare no resources and no time to leave as clean as possible the health center where we have to do our job.

    You can contact us to get more information about our work and rates. We look forward to working with you and living the experience with Office Cleaning Service New York.