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Is a New York City base office cleaning and janitorial building maintenance company. We provide complete office cleaning services for The Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY and Staten Island NY. We understand the worth of a good looking, clean looking, and clean smelling office. A clean office leads to a happier office, a healthier office, and more friendly environment.



Our services go beyond what to do maintenance and provide cleaning supplies, our staff is highly qualified for giving always a satisfactory answer to our clients, carrying a prompt service and effective solutions.

Office Cleaning
Regular Cleaning
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Full Service Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services

We are a local office cleaning company Bronx NY. We service from the smallest of offices to very large offices, including buildings. We provide SAME DAY office cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning

Good day to you and your business, Office Cleaning Service New York is a local commercial cleaning company NYC offering daily to weekly cleaning services NYC.

Cleaning Service

We are a diversified cleaning service company in Brooklyn NY. We are a premier commercial cleaning service company. Our commercial cleaners enjoy there work


Check our most outstanding services

Regular Weekly Cleaning

120$ Studio Apartment
130$ 1 Bedroom
140$ 2 Bedroom
170$ 3 Bedroom

4-Pack Special Cleaning

350$ Studio Apartment
380$ 1 Bedroom
450$ 2 Bedroom
560$ 3 Bedroom

Deep Cleaning

245$ Studio Apartment
295$ 1 Bedroom
395$ 2 Bedroom
495$ 3 Bedroom

Other Services

Move In/Out Clean
Construction Clean
Spring Clean
Basement Clean
  • Residential Cleaning

    Cleaning in residence by Office Cleaning Service New York
    Cleaning in residence by Office Cleaning Service New York

    Definitely cleanliness always turns out to be a matter of concern. Dedicate hours and hours a week to keep your home clean, get the right person to take home cleaning, deal with the bad service received. Anyway, many things to worry about, and that ended thanks to the Office Cleaning Service New York.

    Our excellent team will make your interiors become a perfectly clean environment. They will analyze the place to develop the cleaning method that best suits their needs, taking care even those places that receive less attention and do not lose time during the process.

    With our HOME cleaning System 360 ยบ We make sure to provide an effective and quality cleaning. Bringing satisfaction and joy to our step. We have cleaning professionals in New York fully trained and supervisors who will make sure that all the cleaning has been done in the right way. Checking every part of the house and checking the total cleanliness in the area. In this way we ensure our quality service.

    Our cleaning service includes the dedusting and washing of all accessible surfaces, cleaning the exterior of kitchen appliances and cabinets, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, and aspirating and mopping of all floors.
  • Church Cleaning

    Church Cleaning by Office Cleaning Service New York
    Church Cleaning by Office Cleaning Service New York

    On Office Cleaning Service New York we give a special service of church cleaning. Our professionals are qualified for the meticulous maintenance of altarpieces, figures, stained glass, furniture of all kinds... In addition, to ensure effective results, we conducted a detailed preliminary study to know the space and have the most appropriate team of professionals for cleaning.

    From the Office Cleaning Service New York, you can count on real professionals in cleaning at any time you need it. Without any commitment of permanence, all the facilities and with the endorsement of a company recognized at national level, you can access to services of maximum quality, confidence and flexibility.

    To guarantee the highest quality in our service, a personal adviser will be in charge of managing your needs, adapting our services to what exactly you are looking for. This same person, will be responsible for thorough follow-up so that everything goes out to ask for the mouth during the cleaning, and always have a contact of reference to whom to send any doubt or question.

    Do not prescinds more of the best support in maintenance and cleanliness in New York, now at an exceptional price. Request more information without any kind of commitment, contact us!
  • Office Cleaning

    Cleaning in office by Office Cleaning Service New York
    Cleaning in office by Office Cleaning Service New York

    In any type of company that has an office space, from the smallest with a small space to the largest with several floors of a building, it is necessary to have certain services so that the offices are perfectly functional and Ready to work inside.

    While it is necessary to have minimal conditions such that the space is sufficient, that it is well organized or that the place is well air-conditioned what is really important so that the workers are comfortable in the offices of the company is that they count on Optimal cleaning conditions. Achieving a clean, hygienic and pleasant space is essential for many reasons, and it is something that directly influences both the productivity of employees and the decrease of infectious diseases among the workforce.

    Our services of cleaning and maintenance of offices in New York seek to optimize its resources making of its facilities a pleasant place of work, clean and always functional.

    We possess highly qualified personnel and a quality control that overcomes the most demanding expectations of hygiene, offering him like proved the ideal conservation and image of his furniture and real-estate and the projection of his company always impeccable. In Office Cleaning Service New York we are shaped by people professional and compromised with every client, seeking to satisfy to detail every need opportunely.

    In our services of cleanliness and maintenance we use tools and consumable of quality to offer ideal results and with guarantee of total satisfaction.